When my wife wouldn't get off her lazy ass and cook my dinner it was time to take her pants down and spank her with my belt good and hard! A husband MUST spank his wife from time to time and teach her who wears the cock in the house. Besides, what married man doesn't secretly want to tell his friends "I spanked my wife!", right?
"My wife Karen is a lovely woman, but sometimes she is SO fucking lazy! I have to constantly remind her to pick up around the house and do her chores that we both decided upon. But the last straw came the other day when I came home from work and found her laying on the bed watching tv and filing her nails instead of having my dinner ready! I work long hours to support us, and it was agreed she would make the dinners. Okay, it was time the little bitch learned that if she was going to goof off, then it was time to take her jeans down and spank that naughty bare bottom good and hard. Sometimes a young wife needs a little discipline ..."
I Spanked My Wife picture
I Spanked My Wife picture
"I grabbed her and roughly threw her face down on the bed, grabbed the waist band of her pants and yanked them down revealing her delicious buns. She was wearing only a pair of tiny thong panties and her smooth ass cheeks clenched together as I looked down. She had a GREAT ass and I always enjoyed banging her butt hard and heavy. "Get on your knees!" I demanded "And stick that ass in the air! NOW!" She could tell I wasn't in the mood for any sass and promptly put her butt in the air. "Now you're going to learn that when I say dinner is at six, I mean SIX!" I bellowed as I positioned her arched ass for the spanking I was about to administer to her bare bottom. This was one wife who was going to learn to OBEY her husband..."
"I had just come from the kitchen and happened to have the spatula in my hand. She had once told me that when she was a little girl, her Daddy used to spank her with a spatula as she lay across his lap with her little panties at her ankles and school dress pulled up above her waist. Apparently her father was a very strict man and used to spank her and her sisters regularly on the bare bottom. Good for him! I was now the "daddy" and this little girl was now going to feel the sting of her husband spanking her ass! A good wife she'll be when I'm done warming her ass right and proper! She wimpered and bit the blanket covering the bed, but I just laid one hard stroke after another across her naked ass, making her delicious bare buns redden and bounce with each blow. She was going to understand that being married meant listening up when your husband speaks.."
I Spanked My Wife picture
I Spanked My Wife picture
"I tired of using the wooden spatula to spank my wife with, so I threw it aside, stripped off my shirt and pulled my studded leather belt from my trousers. "This will teach you not to be so fucking lazy" I hollered as I raised the belt in my hand and started to whip and strike her bare bottom. She gasped and moaned as I spanked and spanked, making sure to cross both ass cheeks with equal blows. "I'll be GOOD!" she sobbed "P-PLEASE! I'll cook! I'll cook!" Her cries fell on deaf ears because I wasn't in the mood for excuses! I was going to spank my wife till she REALLY was going to cook - or I was going to cook her bare butt with that belt till her ass glowed like a fucking comet!..."
"That belt sure felt good in my hand as I spanked my wife's naked ass over and over again. I started thinking this is something I should do at least once a week from now on. Pulling down her pants and using my belt to spank her like a naughty little girl would keep her in line! I even felt my cock get hard at the sounds of the loud SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! echoing off the walls of the bedroom as I whipped her beautiful ass. And I could SWEAR I smelled the little bitch's pussy getting wet from spanking. Of course her tears and wimpers would make you think differently. I think many husband should give their naughty or lazy wives a good hard bare bottom spanking from time to time. Keeps them healthy, tame and obedient - just the way a married woman should be, RIGHT?!"
I Spanked My Wife picture

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